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 |  ENG Welcome to Zhuhai Precision Encoder Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai Precision Encoder Co., Ltd.  EPC-Asia Division

Three years warranty, Original import, OEM prices, Fast delivery !

About us


Encoder Products Company, founded in 1969, is a global manufacturer of optical encoders, producing a complete set of encoders for the general industrial users. EPC products are widely used in: servo and stepper motor drive control, motion, position and velocity control and feedback, electronic counters, automatic machines and tools, lathe, grinding machine and CNC machine, assembly, packaging, cutting and transportation equipment, bed and conveyor belt, elevator control and stacking machine, digital painting machine, medical instrument etc. EPC also has a branch factory in the UK, responsible for the production and sales in Europe. In 1994, it opened its Asia branch in Zhuhai, China, specializing in production and sales in Asia. In addition, EPC has more than 400 agents around the world to serve our customers.